“I feel and pay attention to different emotions from very common materials generated in the constantly running urban life cycle. I make substances into creatures that looked even lovely beings, and give artistic permanence to those discarded after being used once.”
I am doing three-dimensional work(sculpture, installation, relief) using plastic and vinyl resin as the main materials. Three-dimensional work is the act of visualizing my thoughts and inner appearance in a three-dimensional space to make them real. It is also an instinctive act of trying to sense something. The first impressions from the material of the work seem to be talking about environmental issues, but comprehensively, it contains the way we live now.

Recently, I am working on a series of plastic dogs. Dogs are the most frequently improved species by human being among all the animals. Notorious dog breeding factory is definitely exist, and we can see that means it is such a huge industry(accompanied by consumption) and a part of popular culture. I adopt form of dogs as a vehicle to see the back side of the modern society, and this is expressed through plastic.

Plastic are mainly used as material of my works. Plastic has a functional advantage that can be permanently preserved, and its similarities with modern people such as uniformity and one-time consumption are very interesting to me. In addition, there is a part that I am exploring as an artist about the environmental issues faced by the modern society, and I wanted to raise a new problem by plastic to choose it as main substances for my artworks. It is a material that derives various stories.

I dismantle the vacuum-molded plastic container that is discarded as a defect in the factory so that the shape cannot be recognized, and reassemble those like puzzle pieces on a steel frame to create a three-dimensional shape. It's a relatively contingent task that always starts with anxiety that the whole puzzle won't fit. It is also in a similar context to Dadaism's Ready-made, Assemblage.

If you look at the work from a distant view, it looks like a figurative sculpture that expresses the faithfulness of the volume with the outer curve. When viewed from a close range, you will immediately encounter an atypical piece of plastic whose original function has been removed. Plastic pieces are tangled together and accumulated to reproduce as new lines and faces. They express in geometric abstract structures such as cubism collage and wave periodic method.

If you think about it, the finished work and the plastic container are only different in shape, but they are also just the same material. However, there’s a solid difference between one time using discarded or permanently preserved. At that point, I try to find various meanings and fun, and try to estheticize pop arts besides anti-arts.